About CCHA

Who We Are

Centres for Community Healthcare Access (CCHA) is a Primary, NHIF Accredited Healthcare facility that prides itself in the provision of comprehensive, affordable and accessible community based healthcare services in conjuction with Babadogo Catholic Church. We are a licensed and government approved healthcare services provider that is located within Babadogo Catholic Church in Ruaraka, Nairobi Kenya with plans to expand to other middle and low social economic areas within Nairobi and its environs. Centres for Community Healthcare Access provides health care services to include; clinical consultation, clinical laboratory services, Dispensing chemist, Maternal Child Health services, Dental Health services, Ultrasound services, emergency maternity services and General counseling services with plans to incorporate inpatient services by end of the year (2020). We are well trained and equipped to service the market segments that require the healthcare services we are offering. We deliver excellent healthcare services to all those who patronize our medical clinics. Our employees are well trained and qualified to handle the wide range of health care services as per their professional regulations and are well trained to operate within the framework of our organizations corporate culture, to meet the needs of all our patients. Centres for Community Healthcare Access operates a 12 hours, 7 days a week medical clinic and practice service; always opened from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, with plans to incorporate maternity services as well as operate 24hrs 7 days a week in the near future. We have a standard call centre that is manned by trained health workers. Our team of medical professionals is currently headed by a health professional who has advanced knowledge and experience in health economics, with over 12 years experience working with community based programs and NGOs within low resource set ups in Kenya.

Our target market

CCHA targets a wide range of customers within middle and low income settlements within Nairobi’s Eastlands-Ruraka, Mathare,Huruma, Kariobangi, Lucky summer, Umoja as well as towns outside Nairobi- Kitengela, Athi River, Mlolongo etc. We target both customers who have health insurance cover, and those without health insurance cover. We offer services at cost sharing basis and we target partnership with companies and organizations who wish to support their staff or the community access this kind of services.

To empower the communities to ultimate good health through good health practices, good health choices and self sustainable access to quality primary healthcare in Nairobi and beyond.
To be a leader in provision of quality, safe, affordable holistic healthcare services within communities in Nairobi and beyond
Core Values
Respect for human life; Service with integrity; Responsibility and accountability; Teamwork and team spirit; Professionalism and ethical conduct; Embracing partnerships

Message from Patron

Centers for Community Health Care Access is a providential and God sent approach to address the inadequate health provision in Kenya and particularly to the needy who live in low income areas. As such, service to save, improve lives is key and anchored on Godly Christian approach serving all regardless of religion, race, economic background or any basis. From its inception so far, we have one center located in the compound of Sacread Heart Catholic Church within Nairobi. It's quite encouraging to see the impact the services have had so far to the sick and have greatly made a difference in the lives of many. We look forward to expanding and rolling out new health programs in different locations to enhance health provision to the needy across Nairobi and beyond. We have generally great opportunities to serve the people and despite providing low resource high impact services, being the initial stages we still face many challenges including financial resource limitation. Gradually as we grow, we hope to achieve self sustainability for the good of many people through this institution recognized by the Government of Kenya through the legal registration. We are also inviting partners who may support us and be part of this noble course. Thanks

~ Father Sunguti Henry
~ Patron

Message from Health Manager

Being a grassroot facility, we are applying low cost high impact strategies. we strive to provide access to health services to a community that would rather shy off from modern medicine and go for conventional/alternative due to healthcare cost. We encourage our clients to embrace alternative health financing methods like nhif in order to access quality health services without high cost impacts. We also encourage the community to embrace good health seeking behaviors like seeking early treatment to avoid complications that lead to high costs of treatment and at times deaths that would otherwise be avoidable. Maternal and child health being our key area of interest, we endevor to provide the best services all round within a comfortable environment, eventually contributing to zero maternal/fetal death while ensuring the best outcomes for under fives.

~ Mrs. Naomi Rono
~ Health Manager

Our Environment

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